Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service


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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service
    3 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Course Details


    Get your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service training and certification in just 3 days and learn more than you could imagine.

    You’ll be introduced to Dynamics 365 Field Service concepts and learn how to setup, configure and manage Dynamics 365 Field Service. You will get hands-on experience in setting up and configuring Field Service through the lab exercises. On this Microsoft Dynamics 365 course you’ll focus on deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. You’ll also gain an understanding of the following Dynamics 365 Field Service topics:

    • Understand how Field Service organisations work
    • Understand how to setup and configure Field Service
    • Understand the core functionality of how to work with and use Work Orders
    • Schedule Work orders using the Schedule Board and the Schedule Assistant
    • Understand how the Field Service Mobile Application works
    • Understand Inventory Management, and Purchasing

    The course provides the knowledge required to setup, configure and manage Dynamics 365 Field Service. The focus is on the using and understanding the functionality of field service and how it can be used within a service organization. Topics such as Work Orders, Scheduling, Mobility, and Inventory and Purchasing are covered. How to install and use the field service mobile client for Dynamics 365 Field Service is included along with using IoT for Connected Field Service. During your 3-day Training Programme, you will live and learn, and take your exam at one of our state-of-the-art education centres. At Insoft, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we give you the opportunity to gain your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service training and certification in just 3 days. We provide the best conditions for you to learn. With us by your side, encouraging and guiding you along the way, you can enjoy 3 intense, focused days of quality learning in a distraction free environment. Your expert instructor will be working with Insoft’s unique accelerated learning methods, which include our exclusive lecture/lab/review methodology with real life cases putting you in the best possible position to learn and retain knowledge, and pass your exam. Sitting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service course with Insoft means:

      • You´ll get more hours of training per day, allowing you to get trained and certified faster and more cost-effectively than with any other training provider.
      • You will be trained by one of the most expert instructors in the world.
      • You can focus purely on learning in our distraction free environment.
      • Dedicated onsite support and access to your classroom at all hours.
      • The price you pay is all-inclusive and covers all course materials, transportation service, accommodation and meals.


    The Curriculum for this course will focus on the following topics:

    • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Field Service
    • Setup and Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
    • Work Orders
    • Scheduling and Dispatch
    • Mobility
    • Inventory and Purchasing
    • Agreements
    • Connected Field Service
    • Tools and third-party services

    This course provides the knowledge required to setup, configure and manage Dynamics 365 Field Service.

    The course begins by describing Field Service and how organisations use end to end Field Service. The course then reviews the settings for Field Service and examine how to plan for a Field Service implementation.

    The course includes installation of the Field Service solution and the mobile app.

    Before can use Field Service Products, Service and charging models for Field Service must be configured and this is described in the course.

    Bookable resources and how they are setup and their characteristics such as skills, location, roles are reviewed.

    Work Orders are a major focus of Field Service; the Work Order life cycle is described along with the different ways that work orders can be created.

    The course then moves onto scheduling of work orders. The options for scheduling are explored including the Schedule Assistant and Resource Scheduling Optimization. The course covers how to configure and use the Schedule Board.

    The course covers the Field Service Mobile App and how it can be configured and how the offline mode is used.

    The course then switches to customer assets, inventory, purchasing and the handling of returns

    Preventative maintenance is achieved through agreements; the course explains how to create and manage agreements; generation of bookings and generation of invoices.

    Integrate of other tools with Field Service to improve customer experience is the final topic where several tools such as Microsoft Flow, Twilio and Glympse are incorporated in the course.


    A working knowledge of using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Customer Service and has attended the Customer Service course or has passed the Customer Service exam MB2-718

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