HSPA and HSPA+: Principles, Application and Planning

HSPA and HSPA+: Principles, Application and Planning
  • HSPA and HSPA+: Principles, Application and Planning

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    Mobile Networks (Insoft Specials)
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    Acquiring the knowledge necessary for effective planning, management and optimization of 3G networks in HSPA+ technology. The course provides a complete overview of the access network from the Air Interface, continuing with the function analysis of protocols and communication & traffic channels used in the network. The course also explains cell planning and 3G radio optimization techniques reviewing the principles and the application in the HSPA+ access architecture.


    • 3GPP Standards e Releases
    • UMTS network architecture
    • UTRAN Protocols
    • CS and PS coexistence
    • Wideband CDMA and Spreading
    • Rake Receiver
    • Modulation and coding
    • MAC, RLC and RRC layers
    • Power Control
    • Soft(er) Handover procedures
    • Coverage and link budget issues
    • Admission Control and Load Control
    • Evaluation of interference
    • HSPA and HSPA+
    • MIMO and Dual Carrier
    • Full IP architecture and IPv6
    • UMTS Backhauling


    • The course is intended for TLC technical personnel involved in 3G mobile network planning or operation.


    • GSM/GPRS network architecture skills.



    During the course we will propose exercises based on the use of software simulators and on the completion of block diagrams. We execute real tests of data connectivity in order to evaluate and discuss scheduling issues, planning and dimensioning of the access network.

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