CyberSec First Responder (CFR)

YOU are the first line of response your organization has against a cybersecurity attack. Don't leave it to chance, become CFR certified.

By taking an approach where an understanding of the anatomy of an attack is developed, CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response (CFR) equips individuals with the high-stakes skills needed to serve their organization before, during, and after a breach.

CyberSec First Responders are just that: the first line of response against cyber-attacks that can cost an organization valuable time and money. The CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response course, or CFR, will prepare security professionals to become the first line of response against cyber-attacks by teaching students to analyze threats, design secure computing and network environments, proactively defend networks, and respond/investigate cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersec First Responder
2500 Euro
5 Days Instructor Led Course

Course Schedule
September 10-14, Espoo
October 15-19, Espoo
December 17-21, Espoo

A Holistic Approach to Security Training
To defend against constant threats, cybersecurity professionals require a well-rounded understanding of the tools, processes, and strategies employed when protecting an information system. CFR moves beyond topic-specific training, developing the skills needed to protect information systems before, during, and after an attack.
Shut the Door On Hackers
What better way to stop a hacker than by preventing them from getting in to begin with? Through the development of penetration testing skills, CFR enables cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities before they can be leveraged by attackers. Allowing you to take a proactive approach to network security prevents attacks before they happen.
Minimize Damage - Identify Attacks Quickly
Our enemy is unknown, dangerous, and adaptive, the ability to detect and mitigate threats quickly is critical to minimizing the high-risk cost of a cyber-attack. CFR utilizes an immersive, hands-on environment to develop the skills and knowledge needed to cut the lag time between when a breach occurs and when it is detected.
Who Should Attend?
Ideal for those with 2+ years of experience in IT or information security, CFR prepares cybersecurity professionals for performing numerous tasks within an organization. From developing secure networks to identifying breaches in real time, CFR equips professionals with the skills they need to keep the hackers out.
The CFR Master Class
The CFR master class will develop the skills professionals need in the real world. Delivered over five days, CFR utilizes an immersive lab environment, hands-on activities and a digital learning platform with curriculum-rich content to ensure every student is equipped with the skills necessary to immediately strengthen their organizations' cybersecurity defenses.
Become a Certified First Responder
Backed by security experts, the CFR certification is designed for cybersecurity practitioners who perform job functions related to defending information systems. The 180-minute exam, which can be taken virtually or on-site, validates the skills and knowledge needed to detect and respond to an attack.