Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals

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    IP Networking (Insoft Specials)
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    This course aims to provide basic skills on Networking. It shows how a LAN works, its devices, the Ethernet protocols and VLANs features. Subsequently, this training covers IP addressing and TCP / UDP transport issues. Finally, it deals with for web browsing protocols, DNS, e-mail and file transfer.


    • LAN
    • Ethernet protocol
    • Networks interconnections
    • Hub, Switch and Bridge
    • The Virtual LAN
    • Private and Public IP addresses
    • Configuring IP addresses
    • Interconnection and Routing
    • TCP port and flow control
    • UDP services
    • The WWW and HTML
    • http protocol and URLs
    • Domain Name System (DNS)
    • E-mail service
    • SMTP protocol
    • POP and IMAP protocols
    • File Transfer Protocol


    All those who want to learn the basics of networking and who are interested in understanding how a LAN works and what are the protocols used within Internet.

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