4G Evolution and LTE Technology

4G Evolution and LTE Technology
  • 4G Evolution and LTE Technology

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    LTE (Insoft Specials)
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    Describing 4G evolution and LTE technology, with particular attention to the technical and marketing issues that led to their introduction. This course illustrates the new architecture and elements of E-UTRAN access network and EPC core network. Finally, the issues related to interworking with other wireless networks and the signaling procedures are discussed.


    • LTE network performance and services
    • Technical and marketing issues
    • LTE network architecture
    • LTE access network (E-UTRAN)
    • Performance and devices
    • New network elements
    • New air interface tecniques
    • LTE radio coverage
    • LTE core network (EPC)
    • New network interfaces
    • LTE backhauling
    • 4G core network features
    • 3G, 2G, WiFI and WiMAX interworking
    • LTE signaling
    • Network access procedures, Tracking Area Update, Resource Allocation and Handover


    Technicians working with fourth generation mobile services. Even sales personnel, provided that they have the above mentioned prerequisites, can attend this course.


    Mobile network basic understanding.

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