Cisco Learning Credits

Redeem Cisco Learning Credits with Insoft

Cisco Learning Credits are a form of pre-paid training and offer the unrivaled ability to purchase, redeem and manage Cisco authorized training, empowering you to optimize your Cisco network investment. Learning Credits may be added to your purchase order when ordering other Cisco products or purchased separately. Each Cisco Learning Credit (sold in packs of 10, 100, 500 and 1500) pays for US$100 worth of high-quality training, is valid for one year, and enables you to:

  • Secure training budget upfront and prepay in the form of credits at time of product purchase or separately.
  • Streamline administrative processes by reducing expense reimbursements with a single budget and purchase order.
  • Use the Training Map to determine how many Learning Credits to purchase.
  • Work with Insoft to develop a customized and flexible training plan.
  • Redeem Learning Credits with Insoft.
  • Manage and track training expenditure online with the Learning Credit Management Tool, available anytime.

With Cisco Learning Credits, you can:

  • Realize a faster return on your investment.
  • Increase overall productivity and network uptime.
  • Safeguard your training budget and reduce administrative costs.
  • Assess and keep track of your organization’s training needs with the unique LCMT.
  • Obtain a complete solution that includes Cisco authorized training.

How to Redeem Cisco Learning Credits:

  • Choose the technology or certification for which you need training.
  • In order to register for a class, you will need the Cisco Sales Order number associated with your Learning Credits, and the number of Learning Credits needed for the class. If you don’t have enough Learning Credits in your account to take the class, you can either purchase more Learning Credits or pay the difference with a PO or Credit Card to us. Discuss this with our operations team at

For example, if the class would require 30 Learning Credits to register and the customer only has 28, then we will allow you to pay cash / PO for the US $200 difference.

We help you to customised Training based on Cisco Learning Credits:

Most of the training in practice are customised now a days. According to our experience more than half of training requested at the end get customised either because of shorter availability of time or in oder to learn the specific technologies, which you operate everyday in your environment. At Insoft Services, we help you prescribe those training by going through an assessment of your real requirement and then come up with the right mix of training topics, which you need to skill you up with right ingredients during the training course.