VoLTE: Voice over LTE

VoLTE: Voice over LTE
  • VoLTE: Voice over LTE

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    LTE (Insoft Specials)
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    Acquiring the knowledge to understand and manage Voice and other cutting edge Multimedia services over LTE. The course analyzes as a whole the Network Elements, the interfaces and the call procedures used in the LTE network. End-to-end voice, videoconference and messages services Call Flow are discussed during the training presentation.


    • LTE Core Network architecture
    • eNodeB, MME, Serving GW and HSS functions
    • PDN Gateway and ePS Bearers
    • GTP and Diameter interfaces
    • VoLTE-VoLTE call flows
    • VoLTE-PSTN user call
    • SIP Control Plane
    • VoLTE Roaming scenarios
    • PDN-GW and IMS Visited
    • VoLTE CS Fallback end-to-end call flows
    • Videocall: standalone or post audiocall
    • SMS over IP
    • Instant Messaging
    • RCS: Rich Communication Suite
    • Charging interface management on PCRF and Charging GW


    Technical personnel and network engineers involved in deployment and management of the new generation of mobile core networks.


    UMTS network architecture and protocols good skills.

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      Apr 3 - Apr 5, 2019
      Jun 3 - Jun 5, 2019