Vendor Independent Training Courses: Insoft Specials

Data Center

Course Title Duration Level
SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV) 3 Days Intermediate
Understanding OpenFlow in SDN 3 Days Advanced
Mastering SQL DB Management 4 Days Intermediate
Virtual Machine and Server Configuration 5 Days Intermediate
Datacenter Network Infrasructure 3 Days Intermediate
Understanding Storage Technologies 3 Days Basic
Big Data Generation Storage 4 Days Intermediate

Cloud Computing

Course Title Duration Level
Understanding Cloud Computing 3 Days Basic
IaaS Implementation 3 Days Intermediate
Exploring SaaS Solutions 2 Days Intermediate
OpenStack Deployment 4 Days Advanced

IP Networking

Course Title Duration Level
Networking Fundamentals 4 Days Basic
Understanding IP Networking 5 Days Intermediate
Advanced IP Networking 4 Days Advanced
IPv6 Planning and Design 3 Days Intermediate
Wireless LAN Optimization 3 Days Intermediate
MPLS Networks: Technology, Architecture, Performance 4 Days Intermediate
Routing Protocols for IP Networks 4 Days Advanced
Quality of Service in Packet-Switched Networks 3 Days Basic
Management and Monitoring IP Networks 3 Days Advanced
Implementing Enterprise Servers 4 Days Intermediate
Networks Analysis and Troubleshooting using Wireshark 3 Days Intermediate

ICT Security

Course Title Duration Level
Network Security Awareness 3 Days Basic
IP Security 4 Days Intermediate
IPv6 Security 3 Days Intermediate
VoIP Security Implementation 3 Days Intermediate
VPN: Design, Operation and Security 3 Days Intermediate
Advanced Network Security 3 Days Intermediate
Implementing Web Application Firewall 2 Days Intermediate


Course Title Duration Level
Optical Fibers 5 Days Basic
Understanding New Generation OTN and WDM Networks 4 Days Intermediate
Implementing New Generation SDH Networks 4 Days Intermediate
Frame Relay and ATM Networks 4 Days Basic
QoS measurements over Transport Networks 2 Days Intermediate
Implementing and Troubleshooting of Sync-E and IEEE-1588 3 Days Advanced
The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588 over OTN 2 Days Advanced
Implementing Carrier Ethernet Protocols 3 Days Intermediate
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) 4 Days Advanced
Optical Fiber Measurements and Splicing 2 Days Basic

Fixed Access

Course Title Duration Level
Fixed Access Networks 3 Days Basic
Broadband Access for Triple Play Services 3 Days Intermediate
Broadband services over Twisted-Pair 3 Days Intermediate
Implementing VDSL2 on Hybrid Optical/Copper Networks 3 Days Intermediate
FTTX Architectures 3 Days Intermediate
GPON Technology 3 Days Intermediate


Course Title Duration Level
4G Evolution and LTE Technology 5 Days Basic
Implementing LTE Network 2 Days Intermediate
LTE Access Network 3 Days Intermediate
4G Core Networks 3 Days Advanced
LTE Signalling 2 Days Advanced
VoLTE: Voice over LTE 3 Days Intermediate
LTE Radio Planning and Dimensioning 2 Days Advanced
Diameter Protocol for LTE 3 Days Intermediate
Self Organizing Networks Deployment 3 Days Advanced
Evolving LTE networks to LTE-A 3 Days Intermediate
LTE-A Network Engineering 2 Days Advanced
Small Cells and next generation Repeaters 2 Days Intermediate
5G Mobile Networks 3 Days Intermediate

Mobile Networks

Course Title Duration Level
Mobile Access Networks 3 Days Basic
Mobile Cellular Networks 3 Days Basic
UTRAN Network Technologies and Architecture 4 Days Intermediate
UMTS Core Network 4 Days Intermediate
UMTS Signalling Protocols 4 Days Advanced
UMTS Cell Planning 5 Days Advanced
HSPA and HSPA+: Principles, Application and Planning 2 Days Advanced
Micorwave Links: Fundamentals, Planning and Testing 3 Days Basic
Antennas for Mobile Communication 4 Days Intermediate
Antennas: Advanced Technologies, Qualification and Testing 3 Days Advanced
WiMAX and Point-to-Multipoint Systems 3 Days Intermediate
Terrestrial Trunked Radio: TETRA 3 Days Intermediate
Understanding Device Evolution 2 Days Basic
Understanding Mobile Applications 2 Days Basic
H.323, Sip, Sigtran, Bicc, H.248-Megaco Signaling Protocols 4 Days Advanced
Managing SIGTRAN Protocols 4 Days Intermediate
Intelligent Network Deployment 3 Days Intermediate
Electrical Risk and Safety on ICT Plant 1 Day Basic