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NSE 8 – Fortinet Network Security Expert

  • Introduction

    The NSE 8 training prepares candidates for the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE 8) certification. In short, this designation identifies the knowledge of network security design, configuration and troubleshooting for complex networks.


    Who should attempt the NSE 8 Certification?

    Experts in network security and Fortinet’s security products can attempt the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE 8) exams


    Recommended NSE 8 Training

    Insoft Services provides NSE 8 Training boot camps (PrepForce 8). These boot camps are the only comprehensive source available to prepare for NSE 8 certification globally.

    Conducted by a team of industry-renowned instructors, Prepforce 8 covers all the technologies included in the exam blueprint. As a result, the NSE 8 boot camps will increase your likelihood to pass the NSE 8 exam.

    Instructor-led Training Boot Camps
    NSE 8 Light Lab Exam Preparation Bootcamp
    NSE 8 Advanced Fortinet Technologies Preparation Bootcamp
    NSE 8 Full Intensive Bootcamp


    NSE 8 Program Requirements

    In order to earn the NSE 8 certification, the candidate must complete the NSE 8 exams in the following order:

    1. NSE 8 written exam
    2. NSE 8 practical exam

    Additionally, the candidates must complete the practical exam within two years of completing the NSE 8 written exam.


    What are the prerequisites to attempting NSE 8 Certification?

    There are no prerequisites for the NSE 8 written exam. Nevertheless, the NSE 8 written exam is a prerequisite for the practical exam.

    These are some additional recommendations:

    • Having successfully completed NSE 4 and NSE 7
    • Strong experience with Fortinet products in a production environment

    How to Enrol in NSE 8 Training?

    To enrol any Fortinet or Prepforce 8 training, you can contact our customer services team:

    Alternatively, start by accessing your training needs at 


    NSE 8 Downloads (.pdf)

    For more information, download the NSE 8 documents: