We are pleased to launch pre-scoped Fortinet Consulting Packages. These are ready-made solutions, tailored to ensure efficiency and cost containment.

Fortinet Tailored Consultancy Packages

Insoft Services has developed a specific solution to streamline and simplify the process of installing or migrating to Fortinet Products.

Fortinet Consultancy Packages are created in order to provide a cost-effective option addressing all aspects that your business has to go through to seamlessly implement a Fortinet based solutions within your network environment.

What you´ll get within each package?

Design &

Installation &

& Testing

Knowledge Transfer -

Explore bellow our ready-made options:

FortiGate Entry-level Series Package

FortiGate Entry-level Series Package is designed for Feature-rich Security Appliances For Small/Home Offices & Small Branch Offices. This package can be applied to:
  • up to 10 Routes
  • up to 30 Firewall Policies
  • up to 50 Objects
please note that in a typical branch office, no more than 1 firewall needs to be deployed

Entry-level product range:

FG/FWF- 30E /50E Series

FG/FWF- 60E Series

FG/FWF-70 & 90D Series

FG-80E Series

FG-94 & 98D-POE

Our Preposition

The structure of our consultancy packages is defined by three key principals:

Core Structure

We design, install, test, integrate and roll-out specific product-driven packages designed for you, which your operations (IT-Administrators) can easily manage. There are different level of packages available based on scalability, network, size and performance, as well functions and modules.


Your requirements are addressed carefully and you will be guided through our offering to the most adequate Consultancy Service Module depending on your Size, Complexity, Product acquired or to be acquired.


Fixed duration based on agreed Package elapsed time.

Defined Deliverables:
A tested, documented and working solution.

Do you have some new Fortinet Appliances and want them to go live quickly?

  • We have customised consulting packages, which will answer your specific needs!

  • We help you in installing, testing and implementing your New Fortinet Firewall!

  • Send us an email with brief scoping and let us advise the right packages.