UTRAN Network Technologies and Architecture

UTRAN Network Technologies and Architecture
  • UTRAN Network Technologies and Architecture

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    Mobile Networks (Insoft Specials)
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    This course provides planning and optimization skills for the UMTS Radio Access Network (UTRAN). Global overview of all the UTRAN technologies, starting from the Air Interface, then network protocols analysis, ending with Network Elements description within different UMTS releases.


    • 3GPP standards and releases
    • UMTS network architecture
    • UTRAN protocols
    • CS and PS coexistence
    • Wideband CDMA and Spreading
    • Rake Receiver
    • Modulation and Encoding
    • MAC, RLC and RRC layers
    • Power control
    • Soft(er) Handover
    • Coverage issues and link budget
    • Admission and Load Control
    • Interference check
    • HSPA and HSPA+
    • MIMO and Dual Carrier
    • Full IP and IPv6 architecture
    • UMTS backhauling


    • TLC industry technicians involved in 3G mobile network planning and operation.


    • GSM/GPRS network architecture understanding.



    The practical activities include UTRAN signal and traffic flow analysis, with reference both to the Circuit-Switched and Packet-Switched part of the network. Furthermore, there will be High Speed connectivity real-time tests to discuss QoS and resource allocation issues.

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      Apr 9 - Apr 12, 2019
      Jun 4 - Jun 7, 2019