Advanced Services’ Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG) Version 1.0


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Advanced Services’ Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG) Version 1.0
  • Advanced Services’ Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution (TPDSG) Version 1.0

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    Collaboration (CLS)
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    Course Details


    Upon completion of this session, you should be able to:

    • Describe the Cisco TelePresence solution, including its architecture, operation, features, and functions
    • Explain the solution architecture of a Cisco TelePresence solution, including the network and call-processing deployment models and how traffic flows through the solution
    • Explain the design considerations, limitations, and best practices that you should evaluate during the design process
    • Gather the necessary needed information from the customer and create a high-level network design of the proposed solution



    Introduction to the Cisco TelePresence Solution

    • What Is Cisco TelePresence Conferencing?
    • The Cisco TelePresence User Experience
    • Positioning Cisco TelePresence Conferencing
    • Meeting the Needs of the Customer


    Architecture of the Cisco TelePresence Solution 

    • Standard and Optional Components of the Cisco TelePresence Solution
    • The Cisco TelePresence Codec
    • Supported Audio and Video Modes
    • Deployment Models
    • Traffic Flow Through the Cisco TelePresence Components


    Design Considerations for the Cisco TelePresence Solution 

    • Capacity Planning
    • End-to-End Pathway Requirements
    • Quality-of-Service (QoS) Requirements and Best Practices
    • Network Readiness Requirements
    • Call Processing Requirements
    • Scheduling Requirements
    • Design Limitations and Best Practices
    • Locating Information on


    Designing the Cisco TelePresence Solution

    • Gathering Information
    • Verifying Room Requirements
    • Verifying Network Requirements
    • Verifying End-to-End QoS Strategy
    • Creating a High-Level Diagram


    • Channel Partner / Reseller
    • Customer
    • Employee


    Following are the prerequisites for this session:

    • Ability to use reference material to read, interpret, and configure Cisco IOS® Software on both routers and switches (equivalent to CCNA)
    • Ability to design data networking solutions (equivalent to CCDA or CCDP

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