Network Security Awareness

Network Security Awareness
  • Network Security Awareness

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    ICT Security (Insoft Specials)
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    Understanding the issue of ICT security. Thanks to this course, the trainee become aware of the importance of a safe and proper use of network tools. The issues of network vulnerability and danger will be discussed, as well as the main security and privacy policies.


    • Security issues
    • Internet: opportunities and risks
    • The computer and its vulnerability
    • Bugs and Hackers
    • Virus and Antivirus
    • Malicious messages
    • Password management
    • Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Hijack, Worm)
    • Virus diffusion and Macro
    • Antivirus defense
    • Spamming
    • Phishing
    • Safe browsing the Internet
    • Sniffing
    • User management
    • Password protection
    • E-mail security
    • WiFi network protection
    • Safe Bluetooth
    • Operating Systems for Mobile Phones


    • Any professional profile, even without a specific technical skill.



    • At the end of this course we propose a test to check the learning of the main training contents.


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