Implementing and Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0


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Oct 17 - Oct 20, 2022
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Nov 14 - Nov 17, 2022
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Dec 12 - Dec 15, 2022
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Jan 9 - Jan 12, 2023
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Feb 6 - Feb 9, 2023
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Mar 6 - Mar 9, 2023
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  • Implementing and Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0
    4 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Data Center (CLS)

    Course Details


    Implementing and Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloue is 4 days Intructor Led Training Program with features and components of the Cisco IAC 4.0 solution architecture, and identify the hardware and software prerequisites needed to implement the solution.  This training event provides students Hands-on labs opportunity to install the base software products, that are the basic elements of the Cisco IAC solution and then deploy and configure Cisco IAC 4.0.


    This course combines End-to-end testing, basic troubleshooting and hands-on labs that helps students to install and configure the Cisco IAC 4.0 solution.


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Recognize the components, features, and functions of the Cisco IAC 4.0 solution architecture
    • Describe the Cisco IAC 4.0 hardware and software prerequisites
    • Install Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco Process Orchestrator, and Cisco Server Provisioner
    • Deploy and configure Cisco IAC 4.0
    • Describe Cisco best practices for enhancing Cisco IAC 4.0
    • Configure enhancements approved by Cisco to Cisco IAC 4.0, such as style sheets customization and directory integration
    • Perform end-to-end testing and troubleshooting of Cisco IAC 4
    • Perform, and train customers to perform, basic Cisco IAC system and site administration


    • Module 1: Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) Topology and Architecture, and Cisco IAC 4.0
    • Module 2: Detailed Review of Cisco IAC 4.0 Hardware and Software Prerequisites
    • Module 3: Installing Cisco IAC Software: Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco Process Orchestrator, and Cisco IAC Network Management Appliance
    • Module 4: Configuring Cisco IAC 4.0
    • Module 5: Tenant Management
    • Module 6: IAC 4.0 Capabilities: Virtual Data Center and Virtual Machine Provisioning Service
    • Module 7: Cisco IAC Enhancements
    • Module 8: Administering Cisco IAC

    Lab Outline:

    • Lab 1: A. Creating Virtual Machines Demo
    • Lab 2: A. Reviewing Hardware and Software Prerequisites
    • Lab 3: A. Installing and Configuring Cisco Process Orchestration and Automation Packs
      • B. Apply Patches
    • Lab 4: A. Deploying Cisco IAC Services and Portlets
      • B. Installing the Cisco IAC Patches
      • C. Running the Cisco IAC Configuration Wizard
    • Lab 5: A. Adding Organizations
      • B. Adding Tenants
      • C. Adding Users
    • Lab 6: A. Creating a Virtual Data Center
      • B. Provisioning Virtual Machines
      • C. Provisioning Networks
    • Lab 7: A. Adjusting Standards, Approvals and Email Templates
      • B. Modifying Portlet Text
      • C. Configuring Directory Integration
      • D. Customizing the Portal Style Sheet


    • Cisco channel partners
    • Cisco implementation partners
    • Cisco Advanced Services implementation teams who install, configure,and enhance Cisco IAC 4.0
    • Service provider partners

    Targeted Roles:

    • Pre-Sales Services Architects
    • Post-Sales Services Architects
    • Sales Engineers
    • Technical Consultants
    • Business Analysts


    The recommended knowledge and skills that a learner should have for the best learning outcome includ:

    • Cisco IAC 3.0 course or other cloud automation training
    • Familiarity with enterprise software installation and maintenance in a Microsoft Windows or Linux
    • Familiarity with the primary Cisco IAC infrastructure components: Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco
      Process Orchestrator, VMware, vCenter, or other hypervisors
    • Familiarity with Microsoft Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocal (LDAP) for
      configuration of directory integration
    • Familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database configuration
    • Computing, storage, and networking fundamentals