Cisco Prime Provisioning (CPP)


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Oct 17 - Oct 21, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

Nov 14 - Nov 18, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

Dec 12 - Dec 16, 2022
09:00 - 17:00

Jan 9 - Jan 13, 2023
09:00 - 17:00

Feb 6 - Feb 10, 2023
09:00 - 17:00

Mar 6 - Mar 10, 2023
09:00 - 17:00

  • Cisco Prime Provisioning (CPP)
    5 days  (Instructor Led Online)  |  Prime Network Management

    Course Details


    The Cisco Prime™ Provisioning Version 6.5 instructor-led course offered by Cisco® High-Touch Delivery Learning Services is a lab-intensive course that introduces you to the Cisco Prime Provisioning system and its features and functions. You will learn the important theoretical concepts on which the provisioning is based and gain the practical knowledge and skills to successfully deploy Cisco Prime Provisioning in your network. You will be able to determine the right Cisco IOS® or IOS XR software based on the requirements of your network.


    In the hands-on labs, you will learn to create and configure services and polices, deploy common routing commands, implement and deploy Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) traffic engineering and MPLS Layer 3 VPNs in the classroom environment, You will also learn how to troubleshoot basic provisioning. This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy a Cisco Prime Provisioning network.


    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • List and describe the major features and benefits of Cisco Prime Provisioning
    • Identify requirements for MPLS services and how to populate the Cisco Prime Provisioning repository with resources
    • Create service policies for Layer 2 VLANs and MPLS VPN services
    • Create service requests for Layer 2 VLANs and MPLS VPN services
    • Produce extra commands and templates for provisioning nonstandard configurations
    • Report about Layer 2 and MPLS services
    • Perform basic administration tasks for Cisco Prime Provisioning


    • Module 1: Cisco Prime Carrier Management Suite
    • Module 2: MPLS Overview
    • Module 3: Cisco Prime Provisioning Repository
    • Module 4: Cisco Prime Provisioning Service Process
    • Module 5: Complex VPN Topologies and Management VPN
    • Module 6: Layer 3 MPLS VPNs
    • Module 7: Layer 2 Complex VPNs
    • Module 8: VPLS
    • Module 9: Advanced Layer 2 EVC Services
    • Module 10: Policy Customization
    • Module 11: Multicast over MPLS
    • Module 12: MPLS-TP and MPLS-TE Services
    • Module 13: TDM-CEM Services
    • Module 14: IPv6 and Cisco IOS XR Support
    • Module 15: Troubleshooting
    • Module 16: API Commands and System Integration
    • Module 17: Cisco Prime Provisioning Administration

    Lab Outline

    • Lab 1: Navigating Cisco Prime Provisioning
    • Lab 2: Populating the Repository
    • Lab 3: Defining a Management MPLS VPN
    • Lab 4: Defining a Customer MPLS Service
    • Lab 5: Defining MPLS L2VPN
    • Lab 6: Defining MPLS L2VPN Advanced Service
    • Lab 7: Policy Customization
    • Lab 8: Configuring MPLS-TP
    • Lab 9: Configuring MPLS-TE
    • Lab 10: Cisco IOS XR Device Discovery
    • Lab 11: Troubleshooting
    • Lab 12: API Access and Commands
    • Lab 13: Administrating Cisco Prime Provisioning


    This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to deploy MPLS services from Cisco Prime Provisioning in their network environment. The primary audience for this course includes:

    • System engineers
    • Implementation engineers
    • Technical-support personnel
    • Channel partners and resellers


    Following are the prerequisites for this course:

    • Understanding of MPLS basics
    • Understanding of TCP/IP and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • General network management skills
    • CCNA® skills (desirable but not mandatory)