Solutions to GDPR

ATIC 360

Our Solutions to GDPR

Step 1

Attend an awareness workshop

Step 2

Get trained and certify

Step 4

Let us help you achieve your GDPR compliance

Step 3

Use our cloud based software to implement GDPR

GDPR - Get Started in 4 Steps

Insoft Services has all your GDPR concerns covered. A specially designed solution package, which guarantees compliancy with new GDPR ruling.

Whether you are an individual or multi national organization, we provide various ways in getting prepared for the compliance. We have considered all different audiences interested in the program. Our four-step program called “ATIC 360” gives different options for everyone to prepare.

Please go through your required options and let us help you in achieve your desired goal. In case you need more information, please send us an email. Our SME would be happy to call you to support you choose the right track for you.

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Awareness Workshop

An introductory full-day workshop provides you with a full understanding of GDPR to set the right expectation and understanding for the enterprises, who handles sensitive personal data.

The workshop will help you enhance your understanding of GDPR, identify the main reasons, key concepts and how to address them.


GDPR Implementation

Use our Cloud Based System to implement GDPR functionality into your system.

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Consultancy Rediness Services

The readiness consultancy package is an advisory service, which achieves full life cycle of GDPR compliance. From acquiring the information within your organization to give you a detailed guidance on the gap analysis, this service package is divided into three tailor made packages.

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