VPN: Design, Use and Security

VPN: Design, Use and Security
  • VPN: Design, Use and Security

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    ICT Security (Insoft Specials)

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     Oct 4 to Oct 6, 2017

    Course Details

    VPN: Design, Use and Security

    • Hub & Spoke and Full Meshed
    • VPN selection criteria
    • VPN service integration (voice, video and data)
    • VPN and Security
    • Layer 2 VPNs architecture
    • Frame Relay and ATM protocols
    • PVC and layer 2 switching
    • Traffic defining parameters and SLA
    • Layer 3 VPN architectures
    • IPSec protocol
    • SSL protocol
    • VPN MPLS architectures
    • LDP and RSVP-TE signaling
    • MP-BGP (Multiprotocol BGP)
    • Layer 2 MPLS and VPLS
    • Martini and Kompella models
    • Pseudowire Tunnel (PWE3)

    TLC Network Operators, IT Manager.

    TCP/IP basic understanding.

    VPNs will be configured and enabled using professional network equipment, that support also routing and firewalling features.