Virtual Machine and Server Configuration

Virtual Machine and Server Configuration
  • Virtual Machine and Server Configuration

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    Data Center (Insoft Specials)

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     Oct 9 to Oct 13, 2017

    Course Details

    Virtual Machine and Server Configuration

    Through the use of modern virtualization technologies, this course describes the configuration of servers and most important roles and services, such as network domains management and replication, DNS zones configuration, Web and FTP servers and RADIUS authentication policies. Furthermore, we discuss the Certification Authority role and certificates creation for secure applications.

    • Virtualization and Hypervisor
    • Roles installation
    • VM management
    • Fallover Cluster creation
    • Domain controllers installation
    • Powershell
    • Network Discovery
    • Microsoft® Active Directory® configuration and management
    • LDAP and Kerberos protocols
    • Global Catalog
    • Forests, trees and trusts management
    • Containers and Group Policies
    • DNS Server installation
    • DNS-AD integration
    • RADIUS server management
    • CA creations and certificates
    • Microsoft® IIS® management

    This course is designed for server and network administrators.

    Operating systems basic understanding

    Practical activities include several virtual machines installation using hypervisors. Moreover, there will be real-time installations and configurations of the most important services, such as Microsoft® Active Directory® domain controllers, DNS, IIS®, RADIUS and certificates creation.