Management and Monitoring IP Networks

Management and Monitoring IP Networks
  • Management and Monitoring IP Networks

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    3 päivän kurssi

    IP Networking (Insoft Specials)

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     Oct 9 to Oct 11, 2017

    Course Details

    Management and Monitoring IP Networks

    Acquire depth knowledge of the tools and solutions for IP network tuning, both for local area network scenarios and for designing geographic links. Text and graphics tools, protocols, counters, and measures for the management, analysis and optimization of network traffic will be used.

    • LAN architecture and protocols
    • WAN architecture and protocols
    • Tuning tools
    • Planning and Design
    • KPI analysis
    • Performance Management
    • Cisco IP SLA
    • Netflow
    • Syslog protocol
    • Performance Monitoring
    • NMS: Network Management System
    • eMS: enterprise Management System
    • Application Performance Management

    Network administrators and ICT technical personnel involved in Planning, Management and QoS.

    IP networks basic understanding.

    During the course trainees conduct practical exercises targeted to the use of the software and its functionality within a layer 2 and layer 3 test network.